The only system online that adapts to each clinic and automatically manages the sending of SMS to the patients. Lets you confirm appointments with enough time to reassign tasks in the case of a cancellation. It is also a modern management system of shifts online that allows you to optimize the time of the professional and improve the care of patients.



Push the agenda of the doctors of electronically.

Organize, Automate and Optimize the agenda of shifts of each doctor.

Automatic shifts confirmation.

This system is suitable for offices of only one doctor, for health care centers consisting of multiple doctors, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals and sanatoriums.


The functionality of TurnOK is directed to comply with the ultimate goal of streamline and optimize the management of turns, looking for complete in an efficient way the agenda of every physician.

Manage the agenda of multiple doctors or services.

Manage the data of each patient in a complete directory.

Assign shifts according to the indications of each health care provider such as: shift duration and hours of attention of the professional.

Send to each patient an SMS or a voice message for automatic recall or reconfirm the turn to each with the advance that the physician deems relevant.

Display in a single screen shifts confirmed and canceled for resigning canceled shifts.

In the event that the doctor or the service to take a suspension of the agenda, TurnOK can inform each patient affected this change automatically.


The doctor's office or medical center will have its own shift system, regardless of the agenda on paper, allowing doctors, secretaries, or centers of shifts can view the availability of address book directly from the web. If you already have a web page, is the perfect complement to ganarantizar presentism management.

For the organization and for the professionals to reduce the time idle because of shifts canceled without prior notice.

For patients by shortening the assignment dates shifts.

For the secretariat to facilitate and simplify their work.

Savings in telephone calls to inform about the absence of the professional to each patient.

The doctor may consult your calendar from any place where you are.

Improve the rate of attendance.

Minimize sobreturnos.

Improve the quality of care.

Savings in called to cell phones.

The service is used by SMS packages and is very easy to use.

Just need an Internet connection.

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